Ella Washington "Ella Washington" CD

Ella Washington "Ella Washington" CD

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Ella Washington is one of those rare '60s soul albums which is all classics and no filler. This material was recorded and produced by legendary DJ / Producer John "JR" Richbourg and originally released on his Sound Stage 7 label. Deep and southern soul aficionados rate Ella as one of the best singers of the genre with over half the songs on this collection being strong ballads which showcase her raw and emotive style. She has the unique ability to pull everything out of a lyric and literally "lives" the songs she sings. P&C Records 55 Elm Avenue, Hyannis, MA 02601 www.myreelmusic.com. From the heartaches of her revival of the country classic "He Called Me Baby" to the desperation of "Doing The Best I Can", this is true southern soul at its finest. Ella's equally at home with some great uptempo numbers, chiding other women to "Stop Giving Your Man Away", whilst reveling in the lust of "Sweeter And Sweeter (Ray, Ray, Ray). Fast forward to 2011. A pastor in Florida, Ella Washington Cobbs now sings for the Lord. Discerning soul fans can now discover this highly underrated talent.


  1. Stop Giving Your Man Away
  2. Sit Down And Cry
  3. Sweeter And Sweeter (Ray, Ray, Ray)
  4. Starving for Love
  5. Fragile (Handle With Care)
  6. He Called Me Baby
  7. I Want To Walk Through This Life With You
  8. Doing The Best I Can
  9. The Affair
  10. All The Time
  11. This Bitter Earth

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