Emma Donovan & The Putbacks "Dawn"

Emma Donovan & The Putbacks "Dawn"

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Acclaimed indigenous vocalist Emma Donovan and Melbourne rhythm combo The PutBacks come together to bring you Dawn, an LP of hard hitting and heartfelt soul songs telling stories of grief, struggle and redemption. Dawnξis a gritty, uniquely Australian record, simultaneously classic ξand contemporary. The songwriting is in turns optimistic,ξangry and melancholic, and on occasions bruisingly honest.ξThe music is fluid, live and raw, recorded in one room on ξeight channels of analog tape and the electric connection between Emma and the band comes through in every beat.ξ

Dawn takes some cues from the burgeoning soul revival, but ItŠ—Ès a far looser interpretation than many releases in the style. This is no attempt at reviving a bygone era. ThereŠ—Ès no horn section. ThereŠ—Ès more rock in there. ThereŠ—Ès more country in there. ThereŠ—Ès more, in EmmaŠ—Ès words, Š—“blackfella musicŠ—? in there. The songwriting is more akin to classic Aboriginal bands like Coloured Stone than it is to Sharon Jones. The sentiment is personal, for both Emma and the band, and forward looking, rather than revivalist. Shades of every soul record you ever liked sneak through: Al GreenŠ—Ès Hi Records era? Check. ArethaŠ—Ès Classic Atlantic recordings? Check. Stacks of Stax? Check. ItŠ—Ès all there, but all different.ξDawn is itŠ—Ès own thing, indigenous Australian soul. From the ferocious opening salvo of Š—“Black WomanŠ—? to the sweet and gentle comedown of Over Under Away, Dawn is above all a journey through EmmaŠ—Ès life written in song.

Track Listing:
1. Black Woman
2. My Goodness
3. Dawn
4. Mother
5. Daddy
6. Keep Me In Your Reach
7. Come Back To Me
8. Voodoo
9. Over Under Away


Type: Music

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