Eric Lau "One of Many"

Eric Lau "One of Many"

2X Vinyl LP - $16.99

Towards the end of last summer, after having toured throughout Europe and Asia, internationally renowned producer Eric Lau locked himself away in his North London studio, and quietly began creating the demos for what was to become his sophomore studio album One of Many. Five years later the unmistakable sound of his debut returns, but progressed, refined, and on an entirely new level. The album sees a familiar group of artists assemble, including singers Rahel, Tawiah, Fatima, Olivier St. Louis and Georgia Anne Muldrow. Recorded in a two-month window, and designed simply as a feel-good album, One of Many also sees Lau collaborate extensively with multi-instrumentalist Kaidi Tatham, whose legendary musicianship adds a new depth to already intricate productions. With lead single Š—“EverytimeŠ—? already setting the blogosphere ablaze, Š—“One of ManyŠ—? looks set to be the catalyst in a career with unlimited potential.

Š—“DopenessŠ—? Š—– 9th Wonder

Š—“Very specialŠ—? Š—– Ali Shaheed Muhammad

Track Listing;

  1. Many
  2. Here (feat. Rahel)
  3. Lily of the Desert (feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow)
  4. Rise Up (feat. Oddisee & Olivier St. Louis)
  5. Everytime (feat. Rahel)
  6. The Gathering
  7. For You (feat. Tawiah)
  8. Guide You (feat. Rahel)
  9. Closer (feat. Tawiah)
  10. We All Are
  11. Not Alone (feat. Tawiah)
  12. Divine (feat. Fatima)
  13. Where To Go Now (feat. Tawiah)
  14. One

Type: Music

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