Eyedea & Abilities "First Born"

Eyedea & Abilities "First Born"

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First Born is a wordy, thought provoking debut from Eyedea & Abilities. This full length LP boasts 18 tracks plus a bonus live freestyle joint "What You Want Us To Freestyle About?" Featuring slug as well as classics like "Big Shots" and a turntablist track from Dj Abilities. Production by Dj Abilities.

Track Listing;

  1. One
  2. Music Music
  3. Birth Of A Fish
  4. ...Powdered Water Too (Part 1)
  5. ...Powdered Water Too (Part 2)
  6. Color My World Mine
  7. Liquid Sovereignty
  8. A Murder Of Memories
  9. Blindly Firing
  10. Big Shots
  11. Void (Internal Theory)
  12. The Dive
  13. Well Being
  14. DJ Abilities
  15. Read Wiped In Blue
  16. Void (External Theory)
  17. On This I Stand
  18. Bonus Track #2

Type: Music

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