Eyedea "The Many Faces of Mikey" CD

Eyedea "The Many Faces of Mikey" CD

CD - $7.99
  • This is a Series of Demos and Remixes Previously Unreleased to the Public by Eyedea (Micheal Larsen)
  • Cover Art & Album Art Created by Booka B

"'The Many Faces of Mikey' is so named for two main reasons: 1) I wanted to get you the snippet of Oliver Hart Mikey had been working on before he passed. He was so happy with the directions he was going and loved working with Jeremy. 2) Mikey, like all of us, has many faces. All of us choose to show them to many or a few. In here you will find different parts of Mikey; be it his music, sarcasm, humor or love..." -Kathy Averill

Track List:

-Sixth Sense-

1) Ode to HIp Hop

2) Rain

-Oliver Hart Shit-

3) Weerd Syed

4) Red Balloon

5) The Walls Come Tumbling Down

6) Drive to Doolittle

7) Pillow Case

8) The Breaks

9) Walking

10) Life

11) Step By Step

-New Stuff/Snippets-

12) Nothing (Unfinished 1)

13) Perfect, Speechless, Pointless (Unfinished 2)

-Carbon Carousel Demos-

14) Sunspots

15) Savior Simplex

16) Excess Marks the Spot


17) Step By Step

18) Motormouths Anonymous

19) Everything's Cool as I Float Downstream

20) Quality Programming

21) Lines

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