Frankenstein & AZ (Delphi Oracle) "The Ill Laboratory" Vinyl EP

Frankenstein & AZ (Delphi Oracle) "The Ill Laboratory" Vinyl EP

Vinyl EP - $16.99

Frankenstein, CanadaŠ—Ès best producer on the mic, first stepped on the scene in 1994 with his partner AZ (as the duo Delphi Oracle) to release their debut 12Š—? single Š—“Peace And QuietŠ—? on FrankieŠ—Ès own Knowledge of Self label imprint. After going solo and dropping underground classics like Š—“The PainŠ—?, Š—“Rain Is GoneŠ—?, and Š—“What Does It All MeanŠ—?, Frankenstein released his much sought after and critically acclaimed debut full-length Š—“UVŠ—? in 1997.

Back in 1993/94, Frankenstein & AZ recorded a few more joints for their Delphi Oracle demo tape, but a further release didnŠ—Èt happen...

Š—“The Ill LaboratoryŠ—? EP is entirely produced by Frankenstein and includes three tracks from the original 12Š—? singles plus six previously unreleased gems.

Stay tuned for FrankensteinŠ—Ès shelved Š—“Agony To EcstasyŠ—? album, dropping later this year on Ill Adrenaline Records.ξ

Track Listing:ξ

Side A

  1. The Roughtalk feat. Luminous

  2. Peace And Quiet

  3. Bottom Line

  4. Sympozium

Side B

  1. Just Write A Song

  2. Bottom Line (Remix)

  3. Sympozium (Remix)

  4. If A Beat Were A Princess

  5. Peace And Quiet (Remix)ξ


Type: Music

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