Frank Nitt "Stadium Music" CD

Frank Nitt "Stadium Music" CD

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"Seeing his work ethic and how much he was off into digging for records and making beats, and just how meticulous he was. That was early, early on. Before anyone got to see or got to be around, you know what I'm saying? J- Dilla, T3, and Baatin were always at the crib workin' on new records. Me being at Jay Dee's crib with him, you know, if he was working on something or came up with a new beat, he would basically test me as an MC. We just liked being creative!ξ

He would say, "Okay I'ma whip up this beat and we got 30 minutes to write whatever we can write, and then we gotta record it!"ξ

Detroit's Frank Nitt has seen it all, more so than your average 'keep it real' MC. He has seen the meteoric rise and untimely death of friend, collaborator and certified hip hop legend J Dilla. He has been signed, and rejected, by a major label (MCA), and has seen subsequent success on the independent circuit (Delicious Vinyl, Fat Beats, Groove Attack etc). He eyewitnessed Common record a platinum album, and Black Thought freestyling in a strip club parking lot. And he now chronicles his first hand experiences in the 48 page memoir 'The View from the Underground', which comes included in this brand new deluxe casebook edition album, Stadium Music.ξ

As part of the duo FrankNDank, Frank Nitt dropped unforgettable material on notable releases like 2001's Welcome 2 Detroit, 2003's 48 Hrs, and two versions of Xtended Play (2004 and Version 3.13 in 2006), as well as his solo efforts The Concert Hall EP and Jewels in MyξBackpack. His most recent full length outing, Nittyville, part of Madlib's Medicine Show series, illustrates his knack for tongue-in-cheek, fun loving raps. But Stadium Music is more than that. As Frank Nit puts it; "All of my travel, all of my musical influences, and all of my relationships... I talk about love on there, and hardship. I talk about just wanting to be a dope MC."ξ

The album features beats and rhymes by Illa J, Que D, Dank, Kid Sublime, Kevin Cofield, Numbe:ra and others, plus a foreword by his personal acquaintance and adult film star Tara Lynn Foxxξ

"I remember the day. His mom called us and I was upstairs. Dank and the homeboy were downstairs. The other homeboy called me, to come down. When I got there, Dank was on the floor crying. I just remember taking the phone and it was just so surreal. It couldn't be real. It was heartbreaking."ξ

-Frank Nitt, 'The View from the Underground'


Track Listing:

1. So Large

2. Spotlite

3. What Am I Supposed To Do And The Hop (Interlude)

4. Helloξfeat. Kid Sublime; Que D

5. Can U

6. Dank Says (Interlude)

7. Kick Rocksξfeat. Illa J (aka John Regal); Dank (of Frank-N-Dank)

8. On My Way

9. Mismatchξfeat. Numbe:ra

10.ξReadyξfeat. Que D; Grim Ace

11. Glimpse Of A Championξfeat. Dank (of Frank-N-Dank)

12. Radio

13. Space Walkin (Interlude)

Type: Music

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