Freestyle Fellowship "Innercity Griots" CD

Freestyle Fellowship "Innercity Griots" CD

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If success were measured in terms of influence rather than units sold, INNERCITY GRIOTS would truly be ghetto platinum. Not only did this collective of the Los Angeles underground's finest take the art of free-style to a new plateau of complexity, but their signature sound of double-time flows and jazz-inflected harmonies foreshadowed an entire generation of Midwestern & southern rappers in the "Bone Thugz N Harmony" mold. The album's first cut "Blood" acts as a quick introduction to their distinctive style. They shift between vocalese and scat, straightforward battle rhymes and polyrhythmic cascades of internal rhyme schemes that can only be described as a capella drum & bass (before either the sound or the term had risen from the London underground to touch U.S. shores).

Track Listing;

1. Blood

2. Bullies of the Block

3. Everything's Everything

4. Shammy's

5. Heat Mizer

6. Six Tray

7. Danger

8. Inner City Boundaries

9. Bomb Zombies

10. Cornbread

11. Way Cool

12. Hot Potato

13. Mary

14. Park Bench People

15. Heavyweights

16. Tolerate

17. Respect Due

18. Pure Thought

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