Function Underground "Black & Brown American Rock Sound 1969-1974" (Vinyl LP)

Function Underground "Black & Brown American Rock Sound 1969-1974" (Vinyl LP)

Vinyl LP - $24.99
This anthology which has its origins in the Dante Carfagna bootleg "Chains and Black Exhaust" release - focuses on the Black and Latino American rock bands that spread their wings after Jimi Hendrix came to prominence, in unlikely locales such as Dayton, Ohio, Fort Wayne, Indiana and Phoenix, Arizona. Most of the music here is being reissued for the first time. Comes with an illustrated cover by French illustrator Sanghon Kim and a booklet detailing the history of Black and Latino contributions to American rock music by leading music historians and collectors.
1 1984 - There's A Wrinkle In Our Time
2 Purple Snow - Down By The River
3 Jimi Macon - Jimi's Guitar Raps With The Bass
4 Creations Unltd - Corruption Is The Thing
5 We The People - Function Underground
6 Michael Liggins And The Super Souls - Loaded Black
7 Stone Coal White - Stone Coal White

1 Blacklites - BL Movement
2 Ebony Rhythm Band - Drugs Ain't Cool
3 Cisneros and Garza Group - I'm A Man
4 LA Carnival - Blind Man (45 Version)
5 Revolution - The Siesta Is Over
6 Black Conspirators - Just Got To Be Free 
7 Black Maffia - I Want To Take You Higher

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