Gel Roc "Laws & Flaws" Vinyl LP

Gel Roc "Laws & Flaws" Vinyl LP

Gelroc's debut album now available on double vinyl with extra bonus tracks and instrumentals not available on the CD! EX2's Gel Roc made his solo debut last year with the help of producer Mascaria, and of course it's a banger! Appearances from Rifleman, Existereo, Zagu Brown, 2Mex and much it again! - Access Hip Hop

Track Listing;

  1. Intro
  2. Adaptation (feat. Rifleman (Ellay Khule))
  3. Creation Don't Stop (bonus track)
  4. High-Strung
  5. Cease to Amaze (feat. Regret / Existereo / Syndrome / Zagu Brown / 2Mex / Awol One / Tommy V / L*Roneous)
  6. Never Knew Me
  7. Cryin and Dyin
  8. Let It Go
  9. Good Times...Bad Times (Surviving Words)
  10. When You're Down (bonus track)
  11. Suckamuthafucker!
  12. Memories
  13. Something I Said...
  14. Life's Simple Dreams (573)
  15. Adaptation (instrumental)
  16. High-Strung (instrumental)
  17. Never Knew Me (instrumental)
  18. Cryin and Dyin (instrumental)
  19. Suckamuthafucker! (instrumental)
  20. Memories (instrumental)
  21. Something I Said...(instrumental)

Type: Music

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