Ghetto Brothers "Power Fuerza"

Ghetto Brothers "Power Fuerza"

CD - $18.99

Taking eight members of a street gang into the studio to produce a Latin music album would have been no mean feat by anyone's standards! Luckily the now legendary producer Bobby Marin was on hand to keep things tight and capture that New York Puerto Rican funk essence that was the Ghetto Brothers. That what had taken seed in the Bronx was to produce 'Power- Fuerza' a heavy slice of Bronx Latino funk!


Track Listing:

1. Girl From The Mountain

2. There Is Something In My Heart

3. Got This Happy Feeling

4. Mastica Chupa Y Jala

5. You Say You Are My Friend

6. Viva Puerto Rico Libre

7. I Saw A Tear

8. Ghetto Brothers Power


Type: Music

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