Grieves "88 Keys & Counting"

Grieves "88 Keys & Counting"

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In 2008 the duo would hook up and create 15 tracks of sample-free, melody-driven, analog warmth titled 88 Keys & Counting. A combination of sining and rapping tethered tother by guitar, horn, and keyboard driven instrumentals. Although ultimately an intense album, there are a few breaks with sounds like "Identity Cards" (featuring Luckyiam of Living Legends fame) and "Greedy Bitch", a catchy break up song that will be stuck in your head for days after hearing it. Mainly a digital release, 88 Keys & Counting was welcomed with rave reviews of this new refreshing talent.

Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Catapults
3. Kings
4. October In The Graveyard
5. Dead In The Water
6. Life In The Hive
7. Gwenevieve
8. Identity Cards
9. Nature Vs. Nuture
10. Lock Down
11. Learning How To Fall
12. The March
13. Greedy Bitch
14. Cloud Man
15. Exiting The Hive
16. Black Cover Posse Cut

Type: Music

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