Hall & Floyd "Sunrise" (Vinyl EP)

Hall & Floyd "Sunrise" (Vinyl EP)

Vinyl - $17.99

Hand Stamped limited edition of 300 copies.

Another demo tape recently discovered by Family Groove Records. Hall & Floyd’s previously unreleased 1981 session is a nice slice of Disco Funk & R&B that didn’t make the major label cut. Sunrise is the stand-out song featuring a nice blend of Earth Wind & Fire style harmonies, funky horns, spaced-out Moog Synth and a righteous groove good enough to properly fuel your next Roller Skating party.


  1. Let Us Take You There 
  2. Life (Interlude) 
  3. I'm Thankful For Today 
  4. You Make Living Wonderful 
  5. Sunrise

Type: Music

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