Has Lo "Conversation B" CD

Has Lo "Conversation B" CD

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  1. Reicarnate (Produced By: Audible Doctor)
  2. Face In Disguise (Produced By: Exile)
  3. Never Was Yours (Produced By: Kev Brown)
  4. Inherit The Stars (Produced By: Paten Locke)
  5. Light Years (Produced By: J-Zone)
  6. Hindsight (Produced By: Apollo Brown)
  7. One For Nana (Produced By: ST/MiC)
  8. Deaden The Pain (Produced By: Small Professor)
  9. The Cost (Produced By: y?Arcka)
  10. Maxell UR (Produced By: Has-Lo)
  11. Forty Days (Produced By: Mike Fiveduece)
  12. Retro Chic (Produced By: IMakeMadBeats)
  13. Lies That Sound True (Produced By: Eric Lau)
  14. Last Day Of School

Type: Music

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