Hezekiah "I Predict A Riot" (2X Vinyl LP)

Hezekiah "I Predict A Riot" (2X Vinyl LP)

2X Vinyl LP - $3.00

A1. The Beginning Featuring Š—– Musinah
A2. Wild & Wreckless
A3. If One Falls Featuring Š—– Eleon
A4. That Filling Featuring Š—– Freeway
B5. Looking Up Featuring Š—– Bilal
B6. Single Now
B7. Let's Get Involved Featuring Š—– Jamal (2)
B8. Bombs Over Here
C9. Definition Of A Bitch
C10. I See Ya Featuring Š—– Jaguar Wright
C11. I.p.a.r.
C12. Moments In Sometime Featuring, Producer Š—– Aaron Livingston
C13. I Predict A Riot Featuring Š—– Burgundy, E. Shon, Keziah (2)
D14. Freak
D15. Gotta Love It Featuring Š—– Tarentz Moreese
D16. Ghetto People
D17. Afro (Lude)
D18. Muhsina Outro

Type: Music

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