Hezekiah "Conscious Porn" CD

Hezekiah "Conscious Porn" CD

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Hezekiah is roaring back to the mic this summer with his third release, the forthcoming Conscious Porn (from a renewed SoulSpazm Records). Determined that the third time is the charm, Hezekiah is leaving little to chance by again working his newly refined warlock mojo both in front of and behind the boards, with a little help from producers Steve McKie (Estelle, Jill Scott) and Street Orchestra (Baby Blak, Eshon Burgundy). Hipster faves Bilal, Mos Def, Phonte, Cody Chestnutt, and Bahamadia each deliver star-turning performances under Hezekiah's revealing Conscious Porn lens. Conjuring the spirits of soul and funk influences like Otis Redding and Rick James while infusing the phrasing of such disparate rappers as Kool G Rap and Petie Crack into his distinctive flow, with Conscious Porn Hezekiah is out to prove he's the kind of artist that has ecstatic crowds shouting "You gotta hear this!" and throwing their cells up to his electric skies. From the man's whose scrappy come up began in '93 with the legendary Roots crew, Hezekiah is the evolution of conscious rap, if with hood sensibilities. The urban sounds of Conscious Porn are in the vein of Beanie Segal and Native Tongues, even a dash of NWA can be found salting Hezekiah's musical cauldron. This mystical hip hop revolutionary is coming hard with Conscious Porn to claim the hearts and souls of all hip hop heads for a noble cause: the liberation of self, family, culture, and community.

Track Listing;

  1. Skit 1 - The Consultation
  2. She Male
  3. All Rays (feat. Keziah)
  4. Skit 2 - Pre-op
  5. Corn Bread (feat. Drez da Beatnik)
  6. If This World Were Mine (feat. Raheem Devougn)
  7. The Clinic (feat. Ishe)
  8. Skit 3 - The Procedure
  9. Hold It Now (feat. Tu Phace / Criss Harris / Peedi Crakk)
  10. Here's to the World (feat. Aaron Livingston)
  11. Fired Up (feat. Talib Kweli / Bahamadia)
  12. Raining (feat. Ghingy)
  13. Skit 4 - Cured
  14. What Kind of Cool (feat. Cody ChestnuTT)

Type: Music

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