Hezekiah "I Predict A Riot" CD

Hezekiah "I Predict A Riot" CD

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Hezekiah's sophomore follow-up album to 2005's critically acclaimed debut "Hurry Up and Wait". On "I Predict A Riot the Philly based emcee/producer combines elements of traditional hip hop with neo soul to create an original album that is sure to make a lasting impression. Featuring Bilal of Soulquarians, vocalist Jaguar Wright, with jazz musicians Anthony Tidd, Tony Whitfield and more!??

Track Listing;

  1. The Beginning (feat. Muhsinah)
  2. Wild & Wreckless
  3. If One Falls (feat. Eleon)
  4. That Filling (feat. Freeway)
  5. Looking Up (feat. Bilal)
  6. Single Now
  7. Let's Get Involved (feat. Jamal)
  8. Bombs Over Here
  9. Definition Of A Bitch (Lude)
  10. I See Yaw (feat. Jaguar Wright)
  11. I.P.A.R. (Lude)
  12. Moments In Sometime (feat. Aaron Livingston)
  13. I Predict A Riot (feat. Keziah / E. Shon Burgundy)
  14. Freak (Lude)
  15. Gotta Love It (feat. Tarentz Moreese)
  16. Ghetto People (feat. Richard Raw / Chief Kamachi / State Store)
  17. Afro (Lude)
  18. Muhsinah Outro

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