High School Of The Recording Art Students "The Next Move" CD

High School Of The Recording Art Students "The Next Move" CD

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Rock the Cause has partnered with cutting edgeξHigh School for Recording Artsξto combine Hip-Hop with structured learning to release The Next Move. A student produced music compilation, of 11 unforgettable tracks that tell the stories of student artists, while inspiring peace and unity in our communities.

Rock the Cause Records a music based nonprofit and record label has teamed up with Saint Paul, MN based High School For Recording Arts (also known as HSRA) one of the nations most acclaimed charter schools ,that engages inner city youth, to take charge of their diplomas while learning through the power of music.

The result of this partnership is the release of the music compilation The Next Move, 11 soulfully amped-up,ξ musically diverse tracks that showcase the talents of HSRA student artists, and the schools educational values of family, respect, community and education. ξξ

The Next Move was written, produced and recorded by HSRA students, who participated in the Hip-Hop History and The Arts class, taught by Chadwick "Niles" Phillips. A curriculum that focuses on youth empowerment, emphasis on education, importance of art, knowledge of history, and Hip-Hop in the positive light.ξ Students were inspired to write lyrics, songs, and compose music reflecting their lives and what they learned in the class.

ξŠ—“The Next Move, is a step forward that elevates and enhances your situation, to get you to a better place in lifeŠ—? says 19 year old HSRA Student and Label Coordinator Richard Koenig Jr.ξ ξξ

HSRA Students work in a real life classroom lab, under the tutelage of Rock the Cause Records to learn how to promote digital music in a digital era. ξξ

Track Listing:ξ

1.Where I'm Going

2.My Lover, I Love Her

3.Skinnny In The City

4.Essence Of Woman

5.Not Me

6.Eastern Hemisphere (interlude)

7.The Next Move

8.Sabatoged Love

9.To Heal...


11.Coolin' (Vibe Out)


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