Homeboy Sandman "Veins" Vinyl LP

Homeboy Sandman "Veins" Vinyl LP

Vinyl LP - $21.99

"A burning desire to just f***** rhyme.Š—?

Š—“On my last couple of albums I challenged myself with regard to
formats, trying to push the envelope as far as what exactly constitutes
a rap record. Š—…Talking (Bleep)Š—È and Š—…ProblemsŠ—È were my last two lead
singles, both markedly unconventional. I adore both of those songs
and I adore both of those albums specifically for the new creative
fulfillment I enjoyed while making them. ThereŠ—Ès much more of that to
come, but after spending 3 years outside of the box I was left with a
burning desire to just f***** rhyme. ThatŠ—Ès Veins.Š—? - Homeboy Sandman

Track List:ξ

1) Between The Clouds
2) As Long As You Know
3) Bamboo
4) Clarity
5) Consumption
6) AŠ—Ès, JŠ—Ès & LŠ—Ès
7) Ceviche With Nietzsche
8) Underground Dreams
9) Lemon Ginger Tea
10) Bless Up

Type: Music

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