Howlin' Wolf "Message to the Young" CD

Howlin' Wolf "Message to the Young" CD

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1971 marked a tumultuous yet historic year for Chicago blues legend Howlin Wolf. His health failing after suffering a second heart attack, doctors discovered his kidneys were also shutting down and he was ordered on dialysis to save his life. Wolf's doctors demanded that the legend quit performing at all costs, but the legendary blues musician did not have any quit in him. Three months after being ordered never to perform again he was headlining opening night at the Ann Arbor Blues Festival. 1971 also marked the release of Howlin Wolf s second experimental offering, Message To The Young . Oft-considered his second attempt (after the Howlin Wolf Album he famously shunned) at offering the masses a psychedelic record, the sound on the record ranges from acid-rock, to blues, to funk, and back again. The title track on Message To The Young is exactly what the title suggests; Wolf s attempt at reaching the youth of the era in a beautiful spoken word ballad which can easily be summed up in two words Be Yourself . Get On Down s reputation for high quality reissues continues with Message to the Young, originally released on the newly formed Chess Grt label, a subsidiary of legendary imprint Chess Records. This all new 2012 Get On Down version features audio painstakingly remastered from the original master recordings for a true high definition sound experience.ξ


Track Listing:

1. If I Were A Bird

2. I Smell A Rat

3. Miss James

4. Message To The Young

5. She's Looking Good

6. Just As Long

7. Romance Without Finance

8. Turn Me On

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