I Self Devine & Muja Messiah "9th House"

I Self Devine & Muja Messiah "9th House"

Aside from both working w/each other in the past and being fans of one another, the MCs are both Sagittarius'. The idea was to come together for a Sagittarius themed project w/many Sagittarius references, while delivering a new sound for fans. The two, along w/some of their new favorite producers, have created a universal sound that old and new fans can appreciate.

Featuring production from J.Hard, M¥K, and Orko Eloheim, as well as the vocal contributions of Proper-T (of Zulu Zuluu and Solflower Collective) and Lady Midnight (of Vandaam), 9th House is the outcome of diverse sonic influences, both timeless and fresh by Hip Hop standards. I Self and Muja masterfully drift through a variety of deep topics, flowing between cutting social commentary, honest self-reflection, and time-tested wisdom to help bring this unique project to life.


1. Cloud 9 (Prod. Orko Eloheim)
2. IOFWuCUC (Prod. M¥K)
3. Precious Life (Prod. J. Hard)
4. Midnight On Jupiter (Prod. J. Hard)
5. Arrow Dynamics (Prod. J. Hard)
6. L.A.M. (Prod. J. Hard)
7. Palm Trees & Zombies (Prod. Orko Eloheim)
8. Masters Of Philosophy (Prod. J. Hard)
9. The Symbol (Prod. J. Hard)
10. Fly Paper (Prod. Orko Eloheim)
11. The Spook Who Sat By The Door (Prod. M¥K)

Type: Music

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