Ice Cube "Death Certificate" CD

Ice Cube "Death Certificate" CD

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Ice Cube's 1991 release, Death Certificate, debuted at #1 on Billboard's Hip-Hop Albums chart and reached #2 on The Billboard 200. The album hits hard as an expression of Cube's anger, at his former N.W.A band mates and at society-at-large, and features the single "Steady Mobbin'." An instantly platinum-certified classic upon its release, Death Certificate is often included in `Greatest Albums Of All Time' lists. Snoop Dogg writes in his new liner notes for Death Certificate, "One of the hardest rappers in the history of hip-hop, and one of the hardest albums in the history of hip-hop. It was Cube waking up and putting some religion in his music and giving an opportunity to some young rappers from the west. The Boogie Men and Steady Mobbin', all the things they was doing, and just making their sound. It showed that Dr. Dre wasn't the only producer on the west coast at the time. They was giving him a run for his money with this album, which made a lot of noise and made a lot of hip-hop history to show that Ice Cube would be here to stay.

Track Listing:

1) The Funeral
2) The Wrong Nigga To Fuck Wit
3) My Summer Vacation
4) Steady Mobbin'
5) Robin Lench
6) Givin' Up The Nappy Dug Out
7) Look Who's Burnin'
8) A Bird In The Hand
9) Man's Best Friend
10) Alive On Arrival
11) Death
12) The Birth
13) I Wann Kill Sam
14) Horny Lil' Devil
15) Black Korea
16) True To The Game
17) Color Blind
18) Doing Dumb Shit
19) Us
20) No Vaseline

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