IG Culture "(The Many Districts Of) Soulful Shanghai"

IG Culture "(The Many Districts Of) Soulful Shanghai"

CD - $13.30


1."Can't Believe It" (feat ID 4)
2."Truth" (feat John Robinson, ID 4 Windz & Julie Dexter)
3."Talkin' Bout Mine"
4."Black Rennaissance" (feat Mr Mensah, Lisa Lore & Ernest Kabeer Dawkins)
5."Futures Back" (feat K Banger)
6."Take ItThere" (feat K Banger)
7."The (Blessed) Mizells" (feat Mr Mensah & Ernest Kabeer Dawkins)
8."Half Black Half Japanese" (feat John Robinson)
9."Bluff & Fold (Gamble & Bluf)" (feat Bilal Salaam)
10."Catalog Pieces" (feat John Robinson)
11."The Revolution Will Not Be Tell Lie Vise" (feat Niles Asheber Hailstones & Heru Hailstones, Antonio Feola, Spry Crispen & Mr Mensah)
12."Do The Math" (feat ID 4 Windz)
13."A Tangible Dream" (feat Bilaal Salaam)
14."Outsider (The Lite)" (feat Eagle Nebula)
15."Whats Happening" (feat K Banger)
16."The Sankofaz Peace Ark-Extra" (feat Niles ' Asheber' Hailstones, Heidi Vogel, Mr Mensah, Kaikanju Baku & The Sankofaz)

Type: Music

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