Ironlak "Slap" Spray Paint

Ironlak "Slap" Spray Paint

Slap - $4.99

Ironlak Gloss Acrylic Spray Paint is a quick dry, high opacity, solvent based acrylic paint designed for artists. A high concentration of vibrant UV resistant pigment offers superior coverage and excellent longevity when painting outdoors. Acrylic resin has strong adhesion and flexibility; and provides crisp, clean line-work with no overspray. An Advanced valve system allows variable spray outpu, giving a wide spectrum of can control capabilities; fast to slow, thick to thin. Suitable for use on the street and in the studio.

Ironlak has been developed with the artists needs in mind and was designed to offer the best coverage, alongside great control and a vibrant colour range of over 90 colours. Whilst primary attention was focused on producing a top quality line of paint, it was important that Ironlak products remained affordable for writers.ξ

Ironlak performs extremely well in a variety of different climates, both hot and cold.ξ

Type: Art Supplies

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