Ivory Clay "Doubt"

Ivory Clay "Doubt"

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By dealing with fears and doubts in a musical way those points can be managed and reflected. It offers the possibility to get an altered understandig of reality, a postitive curiosity to discover it with a different view and to create a hopeful encounter with the world in general. As musicians Ivory Clay feel themselves demanded to face difficult social challenges and to rehabilitate them with their own means. As the musical equivalent to that idea the focus of the album production was set on the sound quality which is supposed to create an intense feeling of authenticity. Humanity as the basis is supposed to find its place also in the sound of the record and an unreal, up-polished production is strictly avoided. Defectiveness and doubt are given to the listener in complete awarness. Due to that Ivory Clay took care of complex microphony and tried to capture all instruments with all of their characteristics. For example the recording of a real string quartet, a church organ, a piano, a Fender-Rhodes, a saxophone and an african choir consisting of singers of the New Life Church in Duesseldorf. Ivory Clay belong to the first bands of indiependent underground scene whose work intensively deals with current social-political issues and whose video for Towards The Opoen Night takes a pioneering task in picking out escape and uncertain future as central themes. The band's oeuvre is led by the idea of a new alternative in German pop music, that stands for a critical debate with reality, that investigates that reality musically and that gives innovative approaches to create a multifaceted discussion about current social challenges


Side A.

  1. Clouds
  2. Whatever There Was
  3. Towards The Open Night
  4. Reemξ
  5. Serum
  6. News 1
  7. Symptomes

Side B.

  1. Doubtξ
  2. News 2
  3. Voyager
  4. Birth

Type: Music

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