J-Love "Most Interesting Man Alive" CD

J-Love "Most Interesting Man Alive" CD

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DJ J-Love is one of the hardest grinding mixtape DJs in the world who still represents the real Hip-Hop music. He is also a well-respected producer and emcee. His new album is entitled The Most Interesting Man Alive and features yet another all-star lineup of all the hottest names in Tru-School Hip-Hop. This album features Tragedy Khadafi, Large Professor, Action Bronson, Killa Sha, Trife Diesel (Wu-Tang), Tommy Whispers (Wu-Tang), Meyhem Lauren, Cormega, Wigs (Wu-Tang), Timbo King (Wu-Tang), 60 Second Assassin (Wu-Tang), Prodigan Sunn (Wu-Tang), Killa Sin (Wu-Tang), Rasheed Chapell, Sun God (Ghostface's son), Tahmell (Rakim's son), A.G. the Coroner, and others. Producers include J-Love himself, Psycho Les of Beatnuts, Nick Wiz, Ayatollah, Jewelz Polaar, among others.


 1. Legend
  2. Helps to be the Man
  3. King Pirhanas ft. AG da Coroner
  4. Burnin' Up
  5. Gun Bluffin' ft. Method Man
  6. Nighthawkz ft. Large Professor, Killa Sha, Trife Diesel, Tommy Whispers, Raze
  7. Take Me Back
  8. Conversation
  9. Street Essence ft. Cormega
  10. The Fakeness
  11. Different Genetics
  12. Straight Spectacular ft. Meyhem Lauren, A G da Coroner, & Take-It
  13. Post-Traumatic Stress ft Whyz Ruler, Science, Prince Original
  14. Mine
  15. Drop the Beat
  16. Supreme Force ft. Trife Diesel, Wigs, Meyhem Lauren, AG da Coroner
  17. Mouse Trap ft Shaz Ill York, Meyhem Lauren, AG da Coroner
  18. Clarity ft. Ill Bill & Vinny Paz
  19. I Thought I Saw You
  20. No Gunz Here ft AG da Coroner & Animal
  21. To Be an Expert ft Timbo King, 60 Second Assassin, Prodigal Sunn, Killa Sin
  22. 3rd Eye Optical ft Tragedy Khadafi
  23. Alley Rock
  24. Give Me a Sign
  25. Most Interesting Man Alive

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