Jeannie Reynolds "Cherries Bananas & Other Fine Things" CD

Jeannie Reynolds "Cherries Bananas & Other Fine Things" CD

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The legacy of Jeannie Reynolds is more than just her Chicago steppers classic "The Fruit Song." With a voice that could heat ice and melt hearts, Jeannie Reynolds pulled from the depths of her soul and infused her songs with a hard-won truth. Her 1976 debut album showcased the capricious quality of her voice and how effortlessly she adapted it to each song's theme (usually, heartbreak or loneliness). At the turn of a phrase, her voice's jagged edges could connote vulnerability and then morph into a combustible ball of funk. "The Phone s Been Jumping All Day" was her biggest hit and was surprisingly left off original album release. That situation is rectified here with its inclusion and the addition of three more bonus tracks. Deep soul lovers will have a field day with tracks such as "The Feeling Ain't There" and "I've Still Got My Pride." Funksters will appreciate "I Come Here To Party." A classic slice of 70s soul.


  1. The Fruit Song
  2. Hit And Run
  3. Unyielding
  4. The Feeling Ain't There
  5. I've Still Got My Pride  
  6. You Want To Get Your Hands On A Woman
  7. Look What Your Love Has Done To Me Ma
  8. I'm Lonely
  9. I Come Here To Party
  10. The Phone's Been Jumping All Day
  11. Unwanted Company
  12. Lay Some Lovin On Me
  13. Love Don t Come Easy For Me Now

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