Joe Mansfield w/ 7L & Esoteric "Drumulator" 7 Inch Vinyl

Joe Mansfield w/ 7L & Esoteric "Drumulator" 7 Inch Vinyl

7 Inch Vinyl - $8.99

Fresh off the success of his critically acclaimed book "Beat Box: A Drum Machine Obsession," author and Drum Machine aficionado Joe Mansfield drops this amazing musical component which is a great companion piece to the book. Having already tackled the TR 909 last year with a Flexi Disc release, this time around Joe takes on "Drumulator" and teams up with underground duo 7L & Esoteric for this amazing 7".

"Drumulator" is full of gritty lo-fi samples of basic drum sounds...but they are some classic sounds! Some of the biggest hits from the Hip Hop and Pop world were made using this piece of machinery during it's heyday in the 80s. Fast forward 30 years later Joe breaks the machine out, gets MC Esoteric bragging and boasting like he does best, 7L on the scratch and you have a perfect time capsule from Hip Hop's genesis. Raw drums beats, no nonsense rapping and sliced to precision cuts was all it took to make a classic record, and that still holds true today with this.

Side A
1. Drumulator (Ft. 7L & Esoteric) Vocal

Side B
2. Drumulator (Ft. Joe Mansfield) Instrumental

Type: Music

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