Jonwayne "Jonwayne Is Retired" (EP)
Jonwayne "Jonwayne Is Retired" (EP)
Jonwayne "Jonwayne Is Retired" (EP)

Jonwayne "Jonwayne Is Retired" (EP)

Vinyl - $15.99

Dense with rhymes and intriguing beats, Jonwayne is Retired is fresh with purpose Š—– an updated glimpse into the sound of the LA beatmaker and MC. Each track is an interactive playground of deep-cutting production and JonwayneŠ—Ès magnetic rap style.

"Beacon" merges grainy, distorted sounds with thoughtful clarity and sharp vocals. Riddled with hooks and fire, "Minerals & Gems" feels light yet submerged. ""Dirty Dan"" is a movement-inducing flip that sways, while "Green Light (feat. Anderson Paak)" lines up the planets ahead of everyone. "30,000" closes the EP with curious synths, a minimal beat showcase that reveals Jonwayne at his low-key best.

Mixed by Daddy Kev on his new SSL console at Cosmic Zoo, Jonwayne is Retired is arguably the best sounding Jonwayne record to date. Zone out with the flow, or pay attention and get inspired. Choose your adventure.

Jonwayne is Retired.


A1 Beacon
A2 Minerals & Gems
A3 Dirty Dan (feat. DJ D-Styles)
B1 Green Light (feat. Anderson Paak)
B2 30,000

Type: Music

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