Joyce Moreno "Rio" CD

Joyce Moreno "Rio" CD

CD - $18.99

If you can imagine an album about London whose songs included Charlie Chaplinξand No’âl Coward as well as Gerry Rafferty and Ralph McTell, you'd get the pointξof singer/guitarist Joyce's solo tribute to her home city, inspired by a concertξshe performed on Ipanema beach.

The lyrics are all in Portuguese bar the closing "See You in Rio", which for non-speakers limits understanding, but the music is sublime. Old-time sambas sit next to songs by Carlos Lyra, Tom Jobim and Caetano Veloso.


Track Listing:

1.ξAdeus Amrica

2.ξO Mar

3.ξManh’£ No Posto Seis

4.ξVela No Breu

5.ξPuro Ouro

6.ξDesde Que O Samba ’_ Samba

7.ξValsa De Uma Cidade

8.ξAs Mariposas / Com Que Roupa

9.ξFeitio De Ora’_’£o

10.ξRio Meu

11.ξViva Meu Samba


13.ξSamba Do Carioca

14.ξCidade Maravilhosa

Bonus Track:

15.ξTardes Cariocas / See You In Rio

Type: Music

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