Jurassic 5 "Quality Control / Jurass Finish First" 7 Inch Vinyl LP

Jurassic 5 "Quality Control / Jurass Finish First" 7 Inch Vinyl LP

7 Inch Vinyl LP - $10.99
  • This "big-hole" 45 pressing on black vinyl, includes a 7-inch sized artwork replication of the original "Quality Control" single jacket!

These two songs, off Jurassic 5's stellar debut full-length from 2000, perfectly showcase the disciplined hip-hop fun that this six-man group is known for around the world. Featuring two DJs and producers (Cut Chemist and DJ Nu-Mark) and four MCs (Chali 2na, Zaakir/Soup, Akil and Marc 7), these disparate minds combined powerfully as one, rocking unison lyrical lines and tag-team verses over deftly funky music.

Originally heard as a hugely popular radio promo for California's famed Wake Up Show in the mid-1990s, the song "Quality Control" was expertly expanded for the group's Interscope debut, with a pimp-strut beat and a relaxed, live feel. Alternating tag-team lines and an extended four-man unison chorus combine to flaunt an indie ethos that also gained them mainstream appeal. "We got the kind of rhymes / To get you ready for the weekend," they exclaim, and no one would dare deny it.

Side A: 

1) Quality Control

Side B: 

1) Jurass Finish First


Type: Music

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