Jvc Force "Force Field" CD

Jvc Force "Force Field" CD

CD - $13.99

JVC Force is one of the most overlooked middle school Hip Hop groups, even though 'Strong Island' was a classic hit. On this album, the MCs, B-Luv and AJ Rock ripped a hole into the record. Really they are one of the greatest duos of all time. We don't know of many others who had such great chemistry. Dope beats too. This album showed a higher evolution of skill that completely surpasses Doin Damage. It's unfortunate they broke up before they put out a 3rd album, but that still doesn't change the fact that Force Field is one of Hip Hop's most under-appreciated classics. - Amazon.com

Track Listing;

  1. Introduction 2 Dance
  2. Trivial Pursuit
  3. It's a Force Thing
  4. JVC is in the Haus
  5. Smooth-N-Mellow
  6. Tear the Show Up
  7. Matik-a-Matik
  8. Sandee
  9. Stop-n-Listen
  10. Musical Sample
  11. Keep a Handle
  12. It's a K.O.
  13. Force Field
  14. Collapsin' Em
  15. This is Our Song
  16. Envy-4-Another

Type: Music

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