Kaotic Style "A Diamond In The Ruff" Vinyl LP

Kaotic Style "A Diamond In The Ruff" Vinyl LP

Vinyl LP - $19.99

The 91st release from Dope Folks is from Brooklyn, NY's KAOTIC STYLE!!! The NY group recorded a handful of singles but this is by far their most sought after release!!! Recorded in 1993/1994, 10 tracks in all, 5 tracks (SIDE ONE) were previously released on both vinyl and cassette, and 5 tracks (SIDE TWO) that were ONLY available on cassette. The cassette was self released, and this is the first time these tracks have been together on wax! Limited to 300 copies!

Side One:

1) Represent

2) Tales From The Sex Side

3) Put Ya Ear In The Flava

4) Let A Nigga Flow

5) MC's

Side Two:

6) Intro

7) Stick Up

8) Hip Hop Jazz

9) Hit The Deck

10) You Know The Name

Type: Music

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