Karthala 72 "Diable Du Feu!" Vinyl LP

Karthala 72 "Diable Du Feu!" Vinyl LP

Vinyl LP - $11.19

The sound of a 1970Î_s psychedelic freakout only heavier than you ever heard it before! The new Karthala 72 full-length album brings some seriously dark, driving funk meets Afrobeat. There isn't much on the group out there on the internet. We can't even figure out exactly where they are from but tribal rhythms and hypnotic guitar echo to a time when the raw sound was king. Taking influence from the traditional music of the Comoros, to Anatolian bazaar jazz to the more familiar beat of percussion led afro-funk. This album is destined to become a psych- world burner.

Track Listing:

A1. ξIntro
A2. ξDiable Du Feu Marche
A3. ξDe La Mort
A4. ξBahari Farasi
A5. ξAmour Sombre
A6. ξTriomphe Dieu De La Mer
B1. ξDans Le Coeur Du Feu
B2. ξTrop Fort
B3. ξDelores
B4. ξLe Vieux Chien Marcel
B5. ξKishindo Hekalu Wa Roho
B6. ξL'expansion Bantoue

Type: Music

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