Khemistry "Khemistry" CD

Khemistry "Khemistry" CD

CD - $9.80

One year before Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones created Thriller, there was Khemistry. The Washington, D.C.-based boogie-funk trio only managed one release during their time at Columbia Records, but their self-titled 1982 album remains a revered classic of the genre. Under the guidance of producers Willie Lester and Rodney Brown, Khemistry created a pop masterpiece, powered by infectious dance grooves ("Can You Feel My Love") and soulful ballads ("There's No Me Without You"). A rare and highly sought after record by collectors, Khemistry's landmark album is now available in a fresh, properly licensed pressing.

Track Listing:

  1. I Can't Lose With The Stuff Khemistry
  2. Can You Feel My Love
  3. There's No Me Without You
  4. Sucker For The Boogie
  5. I Got A Feeling
  6. Walking Papers
  7. Whatever It Takes
  8. Who's Fooling Who

Type: Music

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