Kim Tolliver "Kim Tolliver" CD

Kim Tolliver "Kim Tolliver" CD

CD - $16.99

Kim Tolliver is probably the greatest soul singer you've never heard. Despite recording albums for Chess and Fantasy, most of her singles output was on the smallest of indie labels with little or no promotion despite some incredible releases. Probably her best 45s were recorded for Rojac and Tay-Ster Records, owned by legendary Harlem entrepreneur Jack Taylor, who was also responsible for guiding Big Maybelle's career in the '60s. Kim's style epitomizes deep and southern soul singing at its finest. She can wring every last ounce of emotion out of any lyric, as her performances on "Where Were You" and "I'll Try To Do Better" may more than amply prove. She's not afraid to belt it out on up-tempo numbers such as "(You're Trying To) Copy My Stuff where you just know she's going to beat the s**t of any woman who tries to take her man. This is the first time any of these Rojac and Tay-Ster singles have been released on CD. Great music deserves the appropriate presentation, and this retrospect is beautifully packaged in a limited edition casebook with great memorabilia and new liner notes. The Kim Tolliver revival started in 2008 with the highly acclaimed Reel Music release of her classic "Come And Get Me" album and this proved to be the perfect re-introduction of this lady to a new audience discovering classic soul for the first time! Phase II starts now with this amazing collection.

Track Listing;

  1. I'll Try To Do Better
  2. I Gotta Find A Way
  3. Tuesday's Child
  4. (You're Trying To) Cop My Stuff
  5. Let Them Talk
  6. Driving Me To The Arms of A Stranger
  7. Let Them Talk (1982 Version)
  8. Where Were You (Long version)
  9. Party Lights

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