King Krule "The Ooz" Cassette

King Krule "The Ooz" Cassette

Vinyl LP - $10.99

The OOZ is the second full-length album from London-born 22 year-old polymath King Krule, aka Archy Marshall. The 19-song sprawling epic follows his 2013 debut 6 Feet Beneath The Moon. 6FBTM brought King Krule universal acclaim, hundreds of thousands of record sales, worldwide tour dates, and put him on track to becoming a household name . For the last two years, Archy has been holed up in his south-east London neighborhood, shutting out the world, and shuttling between his bedroom recording setup and a small studio walking distance from his home. He has refined his craft; taking dramatic steps as a songwriter, producer and lyricist.

This album is seeped with the results of that time spent alone. He has grown into a complete and expressive artist in full mastery of his craft. According to Archy, The OOZ is, “a smear, a mark. the constant sludge pouring out of your crevices. You have ear wax, snot, phlegm, p*ss, gasses, tears. Look how much you create. You OOZ constantly without even knowing. The record is called that because it's whatever comes out of you to exist."


1) Biscuit Town
2) The Locomotive
3) Dum Surfer
4) Slush Puppy
5) Bermonsey Bosom (Left)
6) Logos
7) Sublunary
8) Lonely Blue
9) Cadet Limbo
10) Emergency Blimp
11) Czech One
12) (A Slide In) New Drugs
13) Vidual
14) Bermonsey Bosom (Right)
15) Half Man Half Shark
16) The Cadet Leaps
17) The Ooz
18) Midnight 01 (Deep Sea Diver)
19) La Lune

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