King Geedorah [MF Doom] "Take me to Your Leader"

King Geedorah [MF Doom] "Take me to Your Leader"

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Released back in 2003, Take Me To Your Leader is arguably the most cinematic of MF DOOM’s albums from this period: entirely produced by him, it’s all dramatic strings, skyscraping samples and reflections on earth from Geedorah’s “alien perspective on humans. Reissue limited to 500 copies. Digital download included.
Track Listing;
  1. Fazers
  2. Fastlane
  3. Krazy World
  4. The Final Hour
  5. Monster Zero
  6. Next Levels
  7. No Snakes Alive
  8. Anti-Matter
  9. Take Me to Your Leader
  10. Lockjaw
  11. I Wonder
  12. One Smart Nigger
  13. The Fine Print

Type: Music

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