Kool G Rap "4, 5, 6" CD

Kool G Rap "4, 5, 6" CD

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After a three-album run with DJ Polo that stacked up favorably to any other rap act, Kool G Rap went solo with 1995's 4, 5, 6. Though they fall short of G Rap's legacy with DJ Polo, "Ghetto Knows," "Take 'Em to War," and "Money on My Brain" (featuring a slick sample of Herbie Hancock's "Chameleon") are far from missteps. Had this been a debut from a youngster, it would've doubtlessly created a stir of some sort.

Track Listing:ξ

1. Intro
2. 4, 5, 6
3. It's a Shame
4. Take 'Em to War
5. Executioner Style
6. For Da Brothaz
7. Blowin' Up in the World
8. Fast Life
9. Ghetto Knows
10. It's a Shame [da Butcher's Mix]
11. Money on My Brain

Type: Music

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