Kool & The Gang "S/T" CD

Kool & The Gang "S/T" CD

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Kool & The Gang's story starts in the Jersey City projects. They were teenagers, studying Miles Davis albums and James Brown singles, jamming in basements, partying for the people in a swirl of Black consciousness. In 1969 they made their first record. Still teenagers, and full of confidence, they named that first record after themselves. Their confidence and creativity produced a string of loose-but-tight, "fun" records, culminating in the Pop Chart smash Jungle Boogie. Kool & The Gang didn't need a singer then: the horns were the lead voice; the fans chanted along. Their songs were featured in films like Rocky and Saturday Night Fever.ξ


Track Listing:

1.ξKool & The Gang

2.ξBreeze & Soul

3.ξChocolate Buttermilk

4.ξSea of Tranquility

5.ξGive It Up

6.ξSince I Lost My Baby

7.ξKools Back Again ξ

8.ξThe Gang's Back Again ξ

9.ξRaw Hamburgerξ

Type: Music

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