Late Bloomers "Three Shades Brown" 12 Inch Vinyl

Late Bloomers "Three Shades Brown" 12 Inch Vinyl

Vinyl - $7.20

6 track EP all produced, written, and performed by the trio of newcomers Ahh:Zel, DJ ReallyNathan, and Nonstop. Tracks such as "Soul For Keeps" provides pleasure for the listener with an infinite love for soul, while "Money Maker" feeds the hip hop head hungry for some raw loops. Mastered by Daddy Kev, Three Shades Brown provides a sound which invokes the feelings of today's working struggle but is countered by the hope we all have deep down inside.

Track Listing;

1. Intro

2. Sandbox

3. Money Maker

4. Soul For Keeps

5. Never Don't Grow

6. Outro

Type: Music

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