Lee Scratch Perry & The Upsetters "Super Ape" Vinyl LP

Lee Scratch Perry & The Upsetters "Super Ape" Vinyl LP

Vinyl LP - $19.99

-Includes a Full Color 22 X 22 Poster

Few artists enjoy a legacy that involves a re-engineering of the very genre in which they work. Lee "Scratch" Perry is such an artist. As a pioneer of dub reggae Perry viewed the mixing console as musical instrument in its own right. The influence of his revolutionary approach has been felt world-wide and into genres far beyond reggae. His 1976 effort, Super Ape, is considered a masterpiece of this or any genre. Working with The Upstetters at his Black Ark studio Perry created a sound with such a lasting appeal that The Rough Guide includes Super Ape as one of their 100 Essential Reggae releases.

Track Listing:

Side One:

1. Zions Blood

2. Croaking Lizard

3. Black Vest

4. Underground

5. Curly Dub

Side Two:

1. Dread Lion

2. Three In One

3. Patience

4. Dub Along

5. Super Ape


Type: Music

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