Lewis Parker "Sniper Beats" Vinyl LP

Lewis Parker "Sniper Beats" Vinyl LP

Vinyl LP - $24.99

Sniper Beats - Underscores for Drama & Action is a collection of 13
instrumental tracks from Lewis Parker’s vast production vault. Each track
was originally selected by Lewis and recorded raw straight out of the
SP1200 (with no external samplers involved). Those same tracks have
now been remastered for vinyl.

Track List: 

1) Golden Bullets
2) Roof Top Drama
3) Night Vision
4) Sneak Shot
5) Bullet Run
6) The Hide Out
7) Big Contract
8) Affair with a Gun
9) She Loves a Hit Man
10) Trigger Devil
11) Deadly Aim
12) Echoes of Danger
13) Target and Escape

Type: Music

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