Lexicon "Rapstars"

Lexicon "Rapstars"

CD - $12.60

After releasing two successful indie hiphop albums, LA-based brothers Gideon & Nick Black added a band, created a new genre (mixing their broad range of influences from the A Tribe Called Quest to The Strokes to The Police to N.E.R.D. to Roxy Music ...), and made Paris a home for their new sound. So far, tr’ås bien.


1.ξReady To Go
2. Snap
3.ξWake Up
4.ξJunk Food
5.ξWorkin On Workin It Out
6.ξSummer Reign
7.ξCheck Out My System
8.ξA Bit
11.ξBig Money
13.ξI Wanna Be Sedated

Type: Music

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