Ll Cool J "Bigger And Deffer"

Ll Cool J "Bigger And Deffer"

CD - $9.99
Vinyl LP - $39.99
  • NOW available in Def Jam 30th Anniversary HOLOGRAPHIC cover Vinyl LP
  • Produced By The LA Posse!

BIGGER AND DEFFER was the album which took LL from up-and-coming artist to the mantle of both pop star and rap legend. The title track, the album' s opening mission statement was only one of BIGGER AND DEFFER's memorable hits--"I Need Love," a disarmingly gentle ballad pushed the rap genre in a new direction, contrasting the album's otherwise hard edge with "soft" keyboard track and a confessional, vulnerable lyric. "Go Cut Creator Go" blends crushing guitars and myriad other samples in what remains one of hip-hop's slickest turntable tracks. Though the requisite hometown shoutouts abound, LL extols the virtues of one of New York's less-frequented attractions in "The Bristol Motel," a sordid spot in his native Queens.


  1. I'm Bad
  2. Kanday
  3. Get Down
  4. The Bristol Hotel
  5. My Rhyme Ain't Done
  6. .357 - Break It On Down
  7. Go Cut Creator Go
  8. The Breakthrough
  9. I Need Love
  10. Ahh, Let's Get Ill
  11. The Do Wop
  12. On The Ill Tip

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