LNDN DRGS (Jay Worthy & Sean House) "Aktive Deluxe" CD

LNDN DRGS (Jay Worthy & Sean House) "Aktive Deluxe" CD

CD - $12.99

The slowed samples and house party vibes of Compton rapper Jay Worthy and Vancouver producer Sean House might conjure G-Funk classics of old, but this ain’t a DeLorean on Daytons. Mentored by the late A$AP Yams, LNDN DRGS have pulled from generations of game to make modern day funk rap all their own.

Track List:

1) La Quinta (Ft. G Perico)
2) Susan
3) Fade (Ft. Mitchy Slick) / Summertime
4) Plug B4 (Ft. Yg Hootie)
5) Fast Blakk (Ft. A$Ap Yams)
6) Aktive (Ft. Yg Hootie)
7) In The Rain (Ft. Dubb)
8) Uza Trikk (Ft. A$Ap Yams, G Perico & Earl Swavey) / Power Interlude
9) Real Life (Ft. Krayzie Bone, Ad & Lil L)
10) So Rare (Ft. Retch & $Ha Hef)
11) Time Flies (Ft. K-dee) / Big Wy
12) Hop Out
13) Choose Up
14) The Makk / Burnt Out
15) Tomorrow (Ft. Freddie Gibbs)
16) Hop Out Remix (Ft. Curren$Y)
17) Wont Holler Remix (Ft. Jay 305, Payroll Giovanni, Freeway Rick Ross)
18) Feel Alright

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