Lord Finesse "Funky Technician" CD

Lord Finesse "Funky Technician" CD

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Funky Technician is great snapshot of late-1980s pop culture. Littered throughout are references to Saturday-afternoon kung-fu movies, Nintendo, Eddie Murphy, as well as a free-for-all of funky samples from the likes of James Brown (most notably on "Here I Come" and the Black Caesar loop on "Bad Mutha"), Lee Dorsey, and the Honeydrippers. On tracks like "Funky Technician" and "I Keep the Crowd Listening," the "slick brother with a fade and a half-moon" flows confident and casual over DJ Premier-produced breakbeat standards from heavily mined rap resources like the "funkiest man alive," Rufus Thomas. Finesse and DJ Mike Smooth exhaust most of their tricks two-thirds of the way through the album, but Finesse's boasting and Smooth's beats do have their place in the hip-hop history book. --Todd Levin


  1. Lord Finesse's Theme Song (Intro)
  2. Baby, You Nasty [New Version]
  3. Funky Technician
  4. Back to Back Rhyming
  5. Here I Come
  6. Slave to My Soundwave
  7. I Keep the Crowd Listening
  8. Bud Mutha
  9. Keep It Flowing
  10. Lesson to Be Taught
  11. Just a Little Something
  12. Strictly for the Ladies
  13. Track the Movement

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