Lyrics Born "As U Were" CD

Lyrics Born "As U Were" CD

CD - $11.99


1. Kontrol Phreak 

2. I Wanna B W/U 

3. We Live By The Beat 

4. Coulda Woulda Shoulda (feat. Sam Sparro) 

5. As U Were Reception (skit) 

6. I've Lost Myself (feat. Joyo Velarde) 

7. Lies X 3 

8. Born-E-Oh's! (skit) 

9. Pushed Aside/Pulled Apart (feat. Lateef the Truthspeaker) 

10. Oh, Baby! 

11. I'm The Best 

12. Block Bots 

13. Pillz 'Lude (skit) 

14. Pillz (feat. The Gift of Gab) 

15. Something Better (feat. Francis and The Lights) bonus tracks 

16. (What Happened 2 Our) Love Affair 

17. Funky Hit Records

Type: Music

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