Mac Dre "Ronald Dregan - Dreganomics"

Mac Dre "Ronald Dregan - Dreganomics"

CD - $16.99

Double red & white & blue starburst vinyl LP pressing housed in a gatefold sleeve. You know him as Al Boo Boo, Mac Drevious, Thizzelle Washington and more. Now he busts out with Ronald Dregan. Running for the top office in this election year, 12 years later, the big POTUS (pimp of the U.S.) chants "Follow me now let me lead the way believe in Dre the American way" on the Dreganomics track as he rapsodizes the virtues of 22 inch rims, cash and pimpin', campaign and game. 12 solid raps with production by Sean T, Gennessee, Sweet Geez, Lev, Swampkat, THE G.O.V., and Johan Whale. This is just half of a special two album release for October of this election year. It is the complement to "The Genie of the Lamp".


  1. Fellin' Myself
  2. Fa My Niggaz
  3. Jump It
  4. Wit Me?
  5. Me Damac
  6. Dreganomics
  7. Since '84
  8. That's Wusup
  9. On the Run
  10. Get Stupid (Remix)
  11. 2 Night
  12. Don't Snitch

Type: Music

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