Mac Miller "Swimming" CD

Mac Miller "Swimming" CD

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Mac Miller's fifth studio album, "Swimming", includes the hit single "Self Care." Rolling Stone noted that Swimming is "a continuation of 2016's The Divine Feminine, with a silky, deep vibe redolent of the L.A. alternative soul scene." It debuted at number 3 on the Billboard charts, which resulted in it being his fifth consecutive top-five album in the United Staes, and it's one of his most notable albums that he released throughout his career. 

Track List: 

1) Come Back To Earth

2) Hurt Feelings

4) What's The Use?

5) Perfecto

6) Wings

7) Ladders

8) Small Worlds

9) Conversation Pt. 1

10) Dunno

11) Jet Fuel 

12) 2009

13) So It Goes

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